I started Peak because I had been struggling with hypothyroid issues, gained weight, and felt terrible about the way I looked. I have tried several different gyms and always ended up giving up, because I saw little to no results and had problems staying motivated to keep going.  I was invited by my friend Crystal to try Peak about 6 months ago and have not looked back. I was definitely intimidated by these workouts at first, but that intimidation has turned into looking forward to a challenge. I did not see the scale move the first few months but the inches were coming off, my clothes were fitting better and my confidence was coming back. I now look forward to my time at Peak because I think of it as my “me time” and look forward being with friends with the same goals and mindset as me.  Love my Peak fam 💪🏼  
Tracie G.
"I have always enjoyed working out but finding the time can be difficult with kids. I started going to PEAK because my kids were working out there, and I figured it would be convenient if we could go at the same time. I have now been here for 6 months and I love walking in the door, knowing that my workout is planned, along with a coach and friends to keep me motivated. I enjoy working out with my PEAK family because they motivate me to keep pushing when I want to quit. There are days when I think to myself that I cannot do one of the workouts before even trying, but I push past my thoughts with their encouragement and complete the workout. Those are the days that make me realize I am stronger than I give myself credit for."  
Becky S.
I was brought to Peak because my good friend was opening his business. He placed his business with me, so joining his gym was a no-brainer for me. Friends support friends; small businesses support other small businesses. Working out for me goes much further than the physical results. I am working on improving all facets of my life, personally and professionally through self-discipline. Truth be told, motivation does not find me at 6am for a good sweat 'sesh. Self-integrity is keeping those promises I make to myself. One of those promises is moving my body at least 30 minutes a day. Between working and parenthood, the early morning session fits my schedule the best. Showing up to keep my promise to myself is creating new habits and patterns for my life will pay dividends both physically, mentally, and emotionally. My goal is not look a particular way physically, but to prove to myself that small, consistent alterations over a course of time will produce a new lifestyle. This new mindset will result in attaining new, higher levels of achievement. Peak is helping me keep those promises to myself by having group sessions, a planned workout, and coaches to help keep you accountable while preventing injuries. We are family at Peak. I am glad to have my family join me on my journey to self-improvement.
Windi A.


  I wanted to let you know that you have done an amazing job with Jacob, and the results on the field and in the gym are impressive. I rant and rave about Peak Fitness and Performance to everyone I talk sports with.  I can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication you and your staff put into training these young athletes. (special thanks: LeVance, Demetrice and Harley) The best training around no doubt!

   But more importantly, since starting with PEAK we have seen a welcomed change in Jacob’s confidence and self-esteem.  And without a humble belief in your own powers it is very difficult to be successful or happy.  We are very proud to be part of the family and we look forward to continuing Jacob’s time at PEAK, because you are building so much more than just athletes.  

Proud parents, 

Billy and Donna C.

Jacob C.
John started with PEAK this summer, really unsure of what it was all about and what they could do to help him. The summer before his freshman year, he had to have surgery on his ankle and missed out on that developmental year to play Varsity Football. Now as a sophomore, 6'4", 280 lbs, size 16 shoe, trying to "catch up" with his size and teammates, physically he is well. Enter PEAK. They have worked on foot work, speed and agility - all great. But what I have seen as the biggest improvement has been in John's confidence. He has gotten stronger, faster because the staff at Peak has worked with him individually for his specific size and needs. I love that. I love that he is not just "another face in the gym" to them. They have encouraged him to do more and to be more and ultimately have given John the confidence he needed to go into this football season. As an added bonus, they have stayed in constant communication with me as a parent about his progress. The staff at PEAK are great, always friendly and welcoming!
John G.

Cohen walked into PEAK a shy kid who lacked confidence in himself and the sports he played. He was very reluctant about even starting at PEAK. He was very adamant about only working out in the summer and then that was it. Fast forward to three months later and I can’t get him out of the gym. He has become faster, stronger, and most importantly he is now a lot more confidence in himself. The trainers have helped instill hard work and dedication. They have showed him that anything worth working for takes work. Cohen has seen the results and is now a true believer in his trainers and what they teach. I cannot thank them enough for the encouragement, patience, and being a positive role models for my kid. He has set goals for himself and PEAK is helping him reach those!! 

Callie Simms George
Cohen H.

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